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SystemSaver 1.3

Why SystemSaver | What's New | Screenshots | Requirements | Download

Why SystemSaver?
If you've ever used BeOS, you probably have seen the Blanket screen saver. The screen saver displays the BeOS system icons randomly on the screen. That was pretty neat, and we decided something like that should be available on the Mac. So in traditional AlkSoft fashion, we've brought you SystemSaver! SystemSaver randomly displays the Mac system icons in the System suitcase somewhat like the way Blanket works.

SystemSaver development is driven by user input. If you've got feature requests or but reports, please send us an email at systemsaver at alksoft dot com.

The SystemSaver status screen
This screen shows you how long your Mac has been idle, and it allows you to activate the screen saver immediately.
SystemSaver at work
SystemSaver looks something like this when it activates. The screen blacks out and random system icons are displayed.

SystemSaver will run on just about anything. You'll need at least a 68020, and it will run on any processor up through the G5. We've tested SystemSaver on a PowerBook Duo 280c (68LC040) under OS 8 and several Power Macintosh class computers on various versions of OS 8 and OS 9 as well as Classic in OS X. SystemSaver is a fat binary, so the same application runs on 68k Macs and PowerPC Macs alike.

SystemSaver looks best with 256 greys, 256 colors, or better. It will work in 16 greys or 16 colors. It will even work with fewer colors, but anything less than 16 greys and all you'll see is a black screen when the screen saver activates.

SystemSaver requires the IdleTime extension to support automatic sleeping. You can get IdleTime from this website. (You probably already have it if you run AOL Instant Messenger or UserLand Frontier.)

SystemSaver will take at least 3 MB of RAM and 2 MB of disk space.

SystemSaver is a 1.1 MB download. It comes as a Stuffed and binhexed file (.sit.hqx). Click to download! (Stuffit Expander 5 or later required.)



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