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SystemSaver - What's New

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What's New?

The current SystemSaver version is 1.3.

New in version 1.3:
  • Fixed an issue where selecting certain sleep-now and sleep-never corners would alternately start and stop the screen saver.
  • Added ability to select more than one sleep-now and sleep-never corner.
New in version 1.2.1:
  • Fixed an issue where moving the moving the mouse may not halt the screensaver on multiple display setups.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen saver would not draw icons on displays other than the main screen.
  • Fixed an issue with remembering user preferences after the screen saver is quit.
New in version 1.2:
  • Completely re-written with a more efficient algorithm.
  • Added support for 68020-, 68030-, and 68040-based Macs with a single FAT binary application.
  • Added option to turn off sleep-now corners and an option to turn off automatic time-based triggering of the screen saver.
  • Added options for determining when to halt the screen saver.
New in version 1.1:
Not released to the public. Quickly superceded by version 1.2.

New in version 1.0.1:
  • Various bug fixes.
New in version 1.0:
  • First public release!


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