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Take a look at some of the projects I've been working on. This page documents the non-software and non-5300 improvement related projects. If you are looking for the 5300 overclock info, check out the 5300 pages here.

Potential Wallstreet II VRAM Upgrade?
There are some empty solder pads on the Wallstreet (Series II, a.k.a. PDQ) motherboard at position J14. This page explores the possibility that it's an unimplemented VRAM upgrade path...

A Tuxedo-less Wallstreet
A (very) short how-to on removing that ugly, scratched, and marked rubber from the case of the Wallstreet to reveal the clean and shiney aluminum beneath.

Blue Paddle: Wallstreet
An evolution of the Tuxedo-less Wallstreet that combines the name of my favorite American Pilsener with blue Krylon Fusion paint...

Wireless Digital Picture Frame
Ok, sure, there are a ton of these digital picture frames né PowerBooks out there. But visit this page and learn how to do it right!

Unsupported AirPort
So you want to run AirPort on your PowerBook 2400c or 3400c... Well, Apple didn't make it easy for you. But we did! Read this page to learn how to manually install AirPort 1.3.1 on your PowerBook 2400c or 3400c.

RedBook 5300
My 5300cs was getting a little stale, so I decided to give it some more spark! Here are the results of my custom paint job done with Krylon Fusion spray paint.

190/5300 Series Parts Scans
Here are a couple of scans of the 190 motherboard, 5300 motherboard, and some PDS expansion cards!


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