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5300 Stuff

5300 Overclock
Yes, that's right, I overclocked the 5300. I turned a 5300cs 100MHz laptop in to a 117MHz speed demon and space heater! Ok, it's not that hot. In fact, my 5300cs has been running straight for weeks on end without restarting or crashing - 117MHz is easily attainable and stable! Go ahead, check it out.

5300 FAQ
This is a work in progress, but it's about 80% complete. Take a look, maybe you'll find some answers to questions you didn't know you had.

5300 Inside Out
This is also a work in progress, and it's about 50% complete. It's a visual guide to the major features of the 5300 logic board. It's also a pretty good companion to section 2.9 of the FAQ. Requires JavaScript and a large display...

5300 Digital Picture Frame
It seems like everyone is making their own digital picture frame these days. Some of them are better than others, of course. This digital picture frame is built from a 5300, so it's pretty standard in terms of hardware capabilities, but it does have a unique feature that I have yet to see in other picture frames. It's wireless!

Coming Soon!
Your 1 shot stop for all things 5300. We've got a guide to repairing the common 5300 issues coming soon. It will cover the notorious power socket problem among others. Finally, we've also got plans to set up a photo-tour of the 5300's guts right down to the case stiffener. We've also got a guide to upgrading a 5300cs to full 5300ce status (as soon as we get the extra VRAM working...). Stay tuned!


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