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How can I give you money?
alksoft needs your help! We really love developing and distributing quality freeware. However, being that it's freeware, it doesn't contribute anything to alksoft's income. And developing and distribing software for free does incur certain costs. Things can tend to get a little tight around here. If you would like to see alksoft continuing to develop freeware, please consider contributing to the cause! You can donate the amount of your choice by clicking on the PayPal Donate badge below. Of course, you will need a PayPal account...

"What if you don't like duck?"
Fawlty: "Well then you're rather stuck!" We know that not everyone likes PayPal. Hey, count us in that group. Heck, up until recently, we didn't even have a PayPal account. For Internet transactions, though, PayPal really is the best-in-class. If you don't have a PayPal account or don't want to use the service, you can always send a check or money order via snail mail. To get the mailing address for alksoft, check out the contact page. Please don't send cash (in see-through envelopes ;-)!


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