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Stuff that might be useful

USB Adapter Card Support 1.4.1
Download this software to add a USB card to your PCI based Mac! This software supports any OHCI compliant USB controller and various USB devices from mice to external hard drives. It will work on PCI based Macs from the 7200 to the Beige G3 and PowerBooks from the 2400/3400 to the Wallstreet. This particular installer's script should be hacked to allow installation on "upsupported" Macs such as the 2400 and 3400. For more information about USB/CardBus on the 2400, 3400, and "Kanga" G3, please visit Rob Frohne's website. Many thank to Eric Strobel and the PowerBooks email list for the info! Click the download icon at right to download the software. It is a .img.sit.hqx file, if you understand.

Sometimes Apple's installers include a "tome" file. The tome is a compressed collection of other files such as extensions, control panels, and control strip modules, among other things. TomeViewer allows you to view the contents of these tomes and extract individual files for manual installation. This can help you to install Apple software on supposedly "unsupported" systems (like AirPort or iTunes on Mac OS 8.6). Click the download icon to start the download.
(~350KB .sit.hqx)

Disk Copy 6.4
The last public release of Disk Copy for the "Classic" Mac OS was 6.3.3. Disk Copy 6.4 implements lots of features not found in 6.3.3 including support for creating CD-R images. Disk Copy also allows you to mount most ".dmg" disk images that are commonly used in OS X.
(~760KB .sit.hqx)

Disk Tools PPC (8.1)
Disk Tools PPC is a floppy disk image for the utility disk that comes with OS 8. Disk Tools PPC will boot any PowerPC Mac that originally shipped with a floppy drive (including the Duo 2300 and PowerBook 2400). You can use it to repair some common disk problems.
(~1.5MB .img.sit.hqx)

Disk Tools 8.5
Disk Tools 8.5 is a floppy disk image based on OS 8.5 and includes the tools that shipped with that OS. You can use it to repair some common disk problems. This disk can be used to boot Macs that cannot boot from OS 8.1 like the PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet - it requires a system enabler with 8.1 that isn't on the Disk Tools PPC floppy). Disk Tools 8.5 is the last Disk Tools image from Apple. Later emergency boot procedures involve the use of a CD-ROM, which isn't helpful on Macs without CD-ROM drives like the 5300. (~1.5MB .img.sit.hqx)
(~1.5MB .img.sit.hqx)

pdisk is an fdisk clone for the Mac OS. It is EXTEREMLY powerful. But it is also EXTREMELY dangerous. Using pdisk without knowing what you are doing can cause irreparable hard disk damage and loss of data. pdisk is not for the timid or faint of heart. OTOH, it is the only way I have found of recovering and reformatting individual partitions on a hard drive without reinitalizing the entire disk.
(~70KB .sit.hqx)

LapisColor MV v1.0.4
Here is what I have found to be the most stable driver for the Focus Enhancements LapisColor line of cards for the PowerBook 5300/190 series. This driver will work with the LapisColor MV16-EN Graphics & Ethernet Card, MV16 Graphics Card, and MV8-EN Graphics & Ethernet Card for your PowerBook 5300 or 190 computer.
(~216KB .sit.hqx)

AirPort 1.3.1 Patcher for 3400c and 2400c
Success! I've altered the AirPort 1.3.1 installer script so that it will install on the 2400c and 3400c under OS 8.5, 8.6, and 9.x. (The PowerBook G3 a.k.a. Kanga already has AirPort compatibility.) Click the download icon at right to download a copy of the AirPort Install 1.3.1 Patcher that I've created. You'll also need a copy of the unmolested AirPort 1.3.1 disk image from Apple (which you can get here). Follow the on-screen directions to apply the patch.
(~36KB .sit.hqx)

Agere's Internal 802.11b card documentation
As is fairly well known, the Apple AirPort card is based off the original WaveLAN Silver hardware. Specifically, it is based on a card now sold by Agere that doesn't include an integrated antenna and is designed for use in an internal slot based on the PC Card standard. This is a link to the product documentation from Agere, and it even includes a pinout!
(External Link - ~168KB PDF)

pcSetup 2.x
pcSetup 2.x allows continued use of your Apple or Reply DOS or PC Compatibility cards under Mac OS 8.5, 8.5.1, 8.6, and 9.x. Apple's version 1.6.4 drivers will not allow you to operate your DOS card under those Mac OS versions. These products were originally created by Fraser Valley Distributed Computing Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Discovery Software Limited, and they were hosted on That domain disappeared from the web in 2003. When the website disappered, so too did the products. Wayback Machine to the rescue! In any case, I've archived these drivers here as well to help ensure that they continue to have a presence on the web. There are two sets of drivers - one set operates on the Mac side and one set operates on the Windows side. You'll need both of them. During installation, you should be prompted for an authorization code and license information. Enter the following when prompted:
  • Authorization Code: UEV-EVZ-7TU
  • License Name: FREE
  • License Site: 469
Disclaimer: I do not support these drivers and cannot respond to requests for help with installation. This software was made freely available by the company before it was abandoned. If the copyright holder does not wish me to host this software, he should notify me, and I'll remove them immediately.
(~2.1 MB total) PC Side Drivers (~550 KB) Mac Side Drivers (~1.5 MB) PDF Installation Manual (~90 KB) search plugin
The 68kMLA is a great resource for users and owners of those classic Macs powered by the 68000, 68020, 68030, 68LC040, and 68040 processors. Now you can search the site in certain Mozilla-based browsers (like Firefox and Netscape) by adding this search plugin to your installed plugins!
Click to install

ORiNOCO 6.3 Drivers
Get them here!
These drivers are the last version that will run on a Mac OS prior to OS 8.6. That can be important to people who have older Macs or resource restricted Macs that will not allow the use of Mac OS 8.6. So download them here.
Download ORiNOCO_6.3.sit.hqx (~1.7 MB .sit.hqx)

ORiNOCO 7.2 Drivers
Get them here!
Proxim has made it seriously difficult to find any software on their website. You might as well forget trying to find Macintosh downloads for legacy wireless products three times rebranded. Proxim's website is just plain impossible to use. And now you even have to register just to search through their support pages! Call me crazy, but I think that's a serious breach of etiquette and asking too much of people who have already spent good money on their products. So rather than spend three hours digging around on and not finding what you're looking for, you can just download the ORiNOCO 7.2 drivers here. These drivers require Mac OS 8.6 or better to function. Fortunately, I have yet to find a wireless card based on the WaveLAN chipset that isn't supported, so no matter your brand card (WaveLAN, Dell, Sony, or otherwise), if it has a WaveLAN chipset, it should just work with these drivers. Have fun!
Download ORiNOCO 7.2 Drivers (~1.7 MB .smi.sit.hqx)


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