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"The Blizzard of 2003!"
Or something. Here are a handful of pictures of Amanda, Andrew, and Snuggles enjoying the snow day! The car got snowed in sometime on Tuesday afternoon. We didn't get it out again until Friday...
The storm lasted for a little more than 3 days. It started with 2 confirmed tornados and a handful of reported funnel clouds on the eastern plains of Colorado, the closest one about 15 miles from Aurora. In the end, we had over 40 inches of snow. Some places in the Front Range foothills had 9 to 11 feet! The National Weather Service issued several Blizzard warnings, and wind gusts reportedly reached well over 40MPH. Severe weather/winter storm warnings were continuous. More snow (up to 1.5 feet) is predicted for the end of this week.
Click on the picture thumbnails below to view the photos. You can also download the originals, but they are quite large.

AmandaWhere's her bottom half?! This used to be the parking lot... [original - 376kB]

Andrew1This is one of the smaller drifts around the apartment. It easily rises past my waist. [original - 344kB]

Andrew2It was a chore breaking through it... [original - 340kB]

SnugglesShe just loves the snow so much. Here she is taking a calm moment to look around and see where she's going to go next... [original - 300kB]

Where's the car?
CarThe car is nearly burried! By the end of the storm, snow was up to the top of the roof on all sides. Snuggles could walk over the hood! It looks a little cleaner than the other cars because I had cleaned it off in the earlier hoping to get out of the driveway. I didn't get very far... As you can see, the parking lot is completely invisible. [original - 324kB]

Snuggles movies
These are two movies Amanda took with her camera. They are in .AVI format, so they should play fine in Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player.


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