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Google News Grabber 1.0b5

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What's GNG?
Google News Grabber is a program that downloads news headlines and summaries from Google News. It displays this information in Headlines window and allows the user to view the story summaries. Headlines are also displayed in an optional ticker window that is always visible (somewhat like the news ticker in AOL Instant Messenger). Double clicking a headline in the Headlines window will send you to the website of the original story. Clicking on a headline in the ticker does the same. You can also set an automatic update schedule, or you can choose to update the news headlines manuallly.

Why not just go to Google News? Well, if you are anything like us, here at AlkSoft, your screen realestate is at a minimum. Keeping a browser open all the time just to keep abreast of the news is not always practical. Google News Grabber to the rescue! Don't miss out on the news just because you don't want to open a web browser!

These screenshots are all taken from a copy of GNG 1.0b5 in actual use.
Headlines Window
Ticker Window
Options Window

Please keep in mind that Google News Grabber is, in fact, in beta. As it is beta software, we advise that you do not download it unless you are comfortable running software that may still have flaws. That being said, the only serious flaws we've seen in our testing, only appear on OS 8.x. Users with OS 9.x shouldn't have any real trouble (besides the occasional out of synch ticker). On OS 8.6, however, the running the ticker causes the application to crash completely.

Google News Grabber comes as a binhexed Stuffit archive. It weighs in at about 1MB. Click the download icon to get the software!


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