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ClassicStumbler 1.6

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"Network names have been obscured to protect the innocent."

Main Display
The main window in ClassicStumbler: The graph displays visual information on the 7 strongest available networks and allows you to change some display options. You can also set an automatic update. Gee, do you think there's some interference going on here? It's just amazing how many people don't change the factory default settings on their base stations...

Extended Display
Clicking the disclosure triangle drops down the bottom of the window to reveal a table with details about the newtorks shown in the graph. Among the details are such items as signal strength, noise strength, whether or not the network is a computer-to-computer (Ad Hoc) network, and whether or not you are connected to that network. When your neighborhood looks like this, the graph may not show all of the networks in your area. In that case, the listbox may be very useful!

Text-Only Mode
You can toggle in and out of Text-Only Mode. This might be useful if there are many networks in your area (too many to fit on the graph) or if you want to set a short auto-update period. Sorry, the "Connected" column is not yet supported in Text-Only Mode.

Network Login
Double click on a network in the table on the main display or in text-only mode to bring up the network login dialog. If you know the AirPort password for this network (if one is required), you can enter it and log in to that network.


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