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ClassicStumbler 1.6

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What's buggin' you?
Scorched and broken...As much as we wish it weren't true, ClassicStumbler isn't perfect... Below are some known issues with ClassicStumbler 1.7

• When bringing the application to the front, the active windows may flicker.
• Contextual menus are not 100% implemented - control-clicking in some locations does not invoke a contextual menu
• The Text-Only Mode listbox does not yet implement the "Connected" column.
• Control-clicking on an empty area of a listbox (either in graph or text mode) does not invoke a contextual menu. Control-clicking on a row with text in it will invoke a contextual menu.
• Joining a network while a scan is taking place may fail (Occurs most commonly when the automatic update is enabled and the period is set very short)
• If the list of networks updates between the clicks of a double click, the double click will fail (Occurs most commonly when double clicking while the automatic update is enabled and the period is set very short)
• ClassicStumbler can't see "closed," "cloaked," or otherwise hidden networks.

If you find a bug or strange behaviour and you think we should know about it, send us an email []



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