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ClassicStumbler 1.7

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Version History
What has changed since the 1.0 release:

• Version 1.7
- Now has the ability to play sounds when networks are detected or lost.
- Updated the About window to include references to instead of the older .mac website.
- Updated the accompanying documentation with new contact info.

• Version 1.6
- Contextual Menus are now supported.
- Updated the About window to include a PayPal donate link and acknowledgements.
- Some bug fixes. (The window now refreshes correctly, albeit with a noticeable flicker, when kept in the background for a long period of time. This version increases the memory required for correct operation - the default is now about 4MB.)
- The software now remembers the state of the extended display in graph mode.
- The software now remembers the graph and correctly redraws it when the main display is expanded or contracted, when the windowshade is invoked, or when the window is otherwise forced to redraw itself.

• Version 1.5.3
- Recompiled with RB 4.5.3fc to eliminate the famous "folderitem.exists" bug. This bug previously caused version 1.5.2 to crash if it expected to find a file that didn't exist.
- Added a splash screen
- Added code to make sure that the user has QuickTime, AirPort, and AppleScript installed. The application now correctly warns the user when these items aren't installed.

• Version 1.5.2
- Tweaked the interface (smaller text size, changed to Geneva fontface) in anticipation of an interface overhaul.
- Added a license agreement dialog that should appear the first time the application is launched (or when the preferences are deleted).

• Version 1.5.1
- No new features
- Fixed several preferences issues - the application now correctly remembers it's checkbox settings, auto update frequencey, and window placements.
- Fixed that nasty re-draw bug when the app would update in the background and draw the graph over whatever window was in front of it.

• Version 1.5
- Added text-only mode.
- ClassicStumbler now uses a preferences file to remember your last settings and window placements.
- Enhanced scan speed and graph drawing
- Fixed the icon mask! (Yay!!)

• Version 1.1.1
- Bug fix: When AirPort is turned off in version 1.1, the program gets stuck in a loop alternately updating the screen and displaying dialog boxes stating that AirPort is turned off and there was an error during the scan.
- Added text at the bottom of the display to indicate if AirPort is active or not.

• Version 1.1
- Added a warning when AirPort is not active. The software will now not behave so strangely.
- Fixed the list box so that a single-click doesn't bring up the join network dialog. Now double-clicking anywhere on a line in the list box will ask you if you want to join that particular network.
- Added interface options (Checkboxes for translucency, show SSIDs, show SNRs, show only current network)
- Added an auto update feature.

• Version 1.0.1 (This version was not released. v1.1 followed immediately.)
- Fixed the failure encounted when deselecting "Merge non-unique SSIDs" caused the graph not to display any information.

• Version 1.0
- Premiere release



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